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Research supports the idea that peer support and self-help networks are an element in sustained growth and recovery. Most or all of these groups are free. Clients attending outpatient counseling are encouraged to develop support networks relevant to their condition, for use both during and after treatment ends. We are not affiliated with any of these groups. This contact information is provided for your information and exploration in the community. If you find that one meeting doesn't fit your needs, try another. Share your experiences in counseling.

Substance Abuse/Recovery

Self-Help Fellowships and Meeting Locators

Alcohol and Drug Education, Treatment, and Recovery Consumer Advocacy

Addiction Treatment Provider Databases

About Drugs and Addiction

Mental Health/Recovery

Anxiety Disorders

Attentional Disorders

Bipolar Disorder



Seasonal Affective Disorder

Suicide Prevention

Mental Health Survivor/Consumer Advocacy

Thought Disorders

Treatment for Alcohol and Drug Dependence

Treatment Provider Databases

Immigrant Help