Payment Options

Our hope and goal as a personal value and in public policy is that a full array of levels of care in mental health and substance abuse treatment services be available to anyone in our community who is in need and that finances should never be a barrier to quality health-care. To this end, we work with a variety of payment options while maintaining limits and accountability needed to operate. When unable to provide services ourselves, we offer information and referrals by phone or e-mail at no charge.

Direct Payment

Personal check or money orders are accepted, payable to CHOICES MENTAL HEALTH COUNSELING, PLLC, either in person at time of service or mailed in advance to PO Box 706, Monticello, NY 12701. The following additional options are also accepted:

Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Discover
Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Discover

Because of service charges associated with credit cards, we prefer payment by other means. If you are low on cash, if you could kindly stop at an ATM on the way to the office (such as one of the three located within any of three banks within a block of our office), we would be most grateful.

The above credit or debit cards are acceptable if there are no other alternatives.

Health-care credit cards issued as part of your insurance plan are always welcome.

Bounced checks are subject to a $50 administrative fee for our time, reimbursement of fees charged to us by our bank, and the full face value of the returned check. We also reserve the right to accept cash payment only. Knowing and intentional issuance of a bad check may be referred for prosecution if not resolved immediately.


For your convenience, we participate with several insurance plans. Payment in full or the applicable co-pay is due at the time services are rendered. Please verify that you have coverage prior to each visit. Making sure your coverage is and remains active is your responsibility. Call the number on the back of your card if unsure whether your coverage is active or of the amount of any annual deductible or copay obligation.

If we do not participate with your insurance (such as NYSHIP, Oxford, United, and some others), see if your plan gives you out-of-network benefits. We offer a receipt or superbill containing a diagnosis, procedure codes, dates of services, and our identifying information which you may be able to submit to seek reimbursement.

Amounts not covered by participating insurance, or denied by your insurer, are your responsibility, due at time of service. Installment arrangements are available on outstanding obligations. If no attempt is made to make payments, overdue balances may be submitted for collections action.

Medicaid and Managed Care

We strive to make our services easily available to anyone wanting to use them and accept many third party payors, including managed care Medicaid. Regrettably, we are not eligible to participate in either Medicare or "straight" NYS Medicaid. Should the Federal and State laws that create that situation change, we will certainly look to participate in these programs.

If you have Medicaid, you most likely must select coverage by a managed care option such as Fidelis, MVP, Affinity, Crystal Run, or another plan, which we can accept.

If you have NYS Medicaid and no managed care plan, immediately go to your local Department of Social Services or call 800-505-5678 and inform Medicaid Choice of your preferred option. You must do this to have full health care coverage. It is important to do it in a timely manner. The cutoff for designating a managed care selection is the 15th of each month in order to have coverage activated at the start of the following month. If you miss that cutoff, it will not be "turned on" until the beginning of the month thereafter. (Pay special attention to this if you are coming out of a residential program, jail, or prison, where managed care may not be available or does not apply. Make your selection as soon as possible after release to the community; or, better yet, check to see if you are permitted to do so before.)

However, please note that if you also have SSI federal disability benefits, current NYS law designates outpatient counseling a carved out benefit only covered by Medicaid. If you have SSI, in order to use your coverage for counseling services you must see a provider who bills straight Medicaid. You can call the Sullivan County Department of Community Services at 845-292-8770 for an appointment or referral to a provider who participates in straight Medicaid.

Employee Assistance Programs

For EAP counseling, there is no co-pay or cost to you. You need to call your EAP and get authorization before coming. Unsure if you have EAP benefits? Ask your employer's human resources department. When your EAP visits are used up, if you wish to continue and switch to insurance your usual co-pay will apply.

Reports, Court Testimony, Other Ancillary Services

Written reports for such purposes as disability claims, legal purposes, firearms restoration, or court appearances are not covered by insurance. Separate charges apply. US DOT SAP evaluations are by direct payment only, in full at the start of the first visit (one-time payment, covers start through return-to-duty). Fees for home studies are due 50% at the start, the balance on completion; travel and any required court testimony billed additionally by the hour. (Aside from adoption investigations, we do not testify or make recommendations in disputes involving child custody.)

Missed Appointments and Short-Notice Cancellations

You will be charged 50% of the usual fee for missed appointments for which 24 hours advance notice is not given. This does not apply if you have Medicaid managed care, but we reserve the right not to reschedule if you miss more than one appointment.