Definitions of Counseling Services

Licensed Mental Health Counselor (New York State):

Education Law § 8402. Mental health counseling.

1. Definition of the  practice  of mental  health  counseling.  The  practice  of  the profession of mental health counseling is defined as:

(a) the evaluation, assessment, amelioration, treatment, modification, or adjustment to a disability, problem, or disorder of behavior, character, development, emotion, personality or relationships by the use of verbal or  behavioral  methods  with  individuals, couples, families or groups in private practice, group, or organized settings; and

(b) the use of assessment instruments and mental health counseling and psychotherapy to identify, evaluate and treat dysfunctions and disorders for purposes of providing appropriate mental health counseling services.

The Practice of Professional Counseling (ACA):

The application of mental health, psychological, or human development principles, through cognitive, affective, behavioral or systematic intervention strategies, that address wellness, personal growth, or career development, as well as pathology.

(Adopted by the American Counseling Association Governing Council, October 17-19, 1997.) 

Alcoholism & Substance Abuse Counseling (New York State):

Alcoholism and substance abuse counseling services include diagnostic assessment, evaluation, intervention, referrals, and treatment in individual and group settings.

(Adapted from "Definition" of Credentialed Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Counselor, NYS OASAS.)